Sedona Photography Symposium Team

Sarah Dolliver

Sarah Dolliver is a nature photographer and the author of nature-illustrated self-help volumes.

An eclectic career spanning retail, banking, consulting and coaching brought her many experiences from managing a training department to being sales director. Today, she uses all those skills to foster the Sedona Photography Symposium into its full grandeur. “I’m excited to now put my energy and experience into this project and bring a quality photography event to the celebrated landscape of Sedona,” she says.

A move from Boston to Sedona in 2004 brought out her enthusiasm for photography. While the Southwest holds many captivating landscapes, Sarah’s deeper visual interest lies in a more intimate view of nature, usually “trailside treasures” that others often pass by without notice.

Sarah believes nature is a place where concerns can be suspended, where each of us can feel the sacred part of life and simply be. It is her hope that by viewing her photographs you break away to experience a deeper moment with yourself. Her images may be viewed at:

John Gafford

John is a recently transplanted Texan who, upon retirement, made Sedona his permanent home. John is currently the President of the Sedona Camera Club.

John’s interest in Photography began in the last 10 years and today he specializes in travel and landscape photography. John is interested in the power of the still image to tell a story, capture a mood, or to show the beauty of the world around him. He uses various compositional techniques along with a distinct approach to image processing to depict the world as he sees it.

John’s portfolio primarily includes landscape images from the Southwest United States and travel images from Europe and Asia. Since relocating to Sedona, John’s photographic work (both print and digital) has been recognized for excellence, having won numerous awards in camera club and regional competitions. John’s work has also been displayed in a number of exhibitions sponsored by the Sedona Camera Club in and around Sedona.

His images may be viewed at:

Elaine Belvin

Elaine Belvin’s interest in photography was sparked by the beautiful landscapes she and her husband saw while hiking in the American Southwest. After a long career in Information Technology, photography is now her focus and hiking gives her access to remarkable sites.

Elaine brings a combination of artistic and technological skills to her images. She uses the camera as a tool to create works of art that capture an expression, a mood, a natural geometry, an exceptional quality of light, or a striking color palette. Computer technology helps her to transform what the camera captured into what she saw in her mind’s eye. It is this combination of artistic and computer skills that shapes the final product. Through photography, she has discovered a way of expressing and representing the things that touch her and hopefully, touch others.

Elaine’s portfolio includes nature, wildlife and vintage images from the American Southwest, Africa, and other travel destinations. Her photographic work has consistently been recognized for its excellence since she began It is currently on display at the Sedona Arts Center Gallery.

She moved to Sedona late in 2012 from New York with her husband, Bill, who is also an accomplished photographer

Her images may be viewed at:

Rob Portil

Rob has been a photographer since age twelve when his first job was developing and retouching photos for the only photographer in his small town. Rob went on to be the sports photographer for the Naval Academy while attending there in the beginning of his westward march in colleges to California.

He is an award winning photographer who has spent most of his life in other careers. He was co-founder of Vector Aeromotive, producer of the fastest production automobile in the world. He has had a web development company since the start of the web and currently is the organizer for TEDxSedona.

He moved to Sedona from California in 2012 and became very active in photography once again.

Some of Rob’s images can be seen at:

Jim Peterson

Sedona Photographer Jim Peterson grew up in northwestern New Mexico, and lived on both coasts as well as in Illinois, Texas, Missouri, and many places in the West. He earned a B.A. in Music and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Chicago, and first took up photography while in graduate school. His interest in it persisted while he worked as a research Biochemist for five years and then moved on to a long career as an engineer, planner, and manager in the Telecommunications industry.

Upon retirement, he redirected his energy to his lifelong artistic passion by starting a professional photography business, inspired by his lifelong love of the natural world. More recently, Jim has embraced infrared photography to broaden his range of artistic expression, and has built a significant body of work in that medium. His works have won prizes and been nominated as finalists in numerous juried shows and international competitions, and can be seen at

Pam Holmes

Pam‘s introduction to photography came during her freshman year of architecture school – when she purchased a SLR to document her architectural design work. After a 20 year hiatus, she again picked up a camera to memorialize her vacations. These travels evolved to a deep interest in wildlife and she now travels worldwide to learn about and photograph the world’s fascinating creatures.